Two Great Schools Working  Together to Help Students

Scholarships to Adams State University for Monte Vista High School Graduates    
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The mission of MVHS-Adams is to provide financial aid to graduates
of Monte Vista High School  with ($1000) scholarships
to Adams State  University.
    Scholarships are awarded to Monte Vista High School MVHS graduates 
based on students:
  • Past service to community
  • Future goals
  • Self-motivation and drive to succeed

Who We Are  

MVHS-Adams  is a group if individuals that

want to help Monte Vista students.
We are not rich, but ordinary people who want to help. 
We hope to give the opportunity of a higher
education to MVHS students.

 We recognize the cost of higher education is beyond the
reach of many graduates and their families.  
 Our donations to assist with costs of education may
not be large,  by pooling our  resources, it is possible
to award students with scholarships.

Please joins us 

100% of funds donated go toward student scholarships

to the web site devoted to raising tution money for Monte Vista graduates to attend Adams State University

 Me at ASU
Main statue and meeting place in 1960's before cell phones.
(Rape of Pocahontas)

Wayne O Evans
MVHS class 59
ASC    class 62

An endowment fund comprised of 10% of each gift will provide earnings so that the gifts of today will fund the scholarships of tomorrow and beyond.
You may designate more or less of your gift to be directed to the endowment.

Matching Funds
Corporations and businesses encourage philanthropic behavior and enhance the impact of employee generosity with matching gift programs. Depending on your individual company’s policy, your gift or volunteer efforts for MVHS-Adams could be increased from one to three times for each dollar you contribute.  Many companies match gifts given to colleges and universities.

Some companies DO NOT match funds given directly to high schools.
If you work(ed) for a company with matching funds, your donation to MVHS-Adams qualifies as the funds go to ASU for a Monte Vista graduate.
Please include any matching gift forms.

The spirit of giving is as importart as the amount